Welcome to the Beaver County Rowing Association website.  BCRA was formed in 2000 as a community organization to support rowing, kayaking and sculling in Beaver County.  Our Boathouse and docks are located near the mouth of the Beaver River in Rochester, PA with easy access to both the Beaver and Ohio Rivers.  We enjoy a 2.4 mile stretch of the Beaver River that is speed limit controlled and we have easy access to the Ohio River as well.  These options give us a wide diversity of rowing and paddling conditions and adventures!    

No matter if your interest is sculling, crew, kayaking, or canoeing, come and bring a friend.  We would love to see you on the water with us!  Members have access to the Boathouse, docks and BCRA equipment that they have been approved to use.  This includes kayaks, canoes, and single/double/4x shells.  See the  for more information.

Not a member?  Join us for a "Learn to Row" session.  Watch the Events for scheduled Learn to Row sessions.  Or if you already are an experienced rower or paddler, Contact if you need more information before deciding to join.

Either way, we hope to see you on the water soon!